Every item is prepared when you order it – no pre-made lunches at La Baguette! The breads are baked fresh each day, and the recipes are our specialties. And remember, we can prepare an appetizing array of sandwiches, soups, and salads just for you! Trays are prepared to order, with a minimum of six sandwiches per tray. To order a tray to go, give us a call at (901)458-0900.

Lunch Menu

    • Lunch - Soups

      Bowl:$4.75 Cup: $3.00

    • Spicy Tomato Soup

      A zesty soup of tomatoes and spices served with Swiss-American cheese and French bread

    • French Onion Soup

      The traditional French onion soup served with cheese and crisp baguette toast

    • Soup Du Jour

      Special soup prepared daily from the freshest ingredients. Ask your server about today's features.

      Soup Schedule:

      Everyday: Spicy Tomato, French Onion
      Sunday: Corn Chowder
      Monday: Cream of Mushroom, Cream of Squash
      Tuesday: Chicken with Wild Rice
      Wednesday: Broccoli Cheese
      Thursday: Cream of Squash
      Friday: Cream of Potato
      Saturday: Corn Chowder
      Substitutions are occasionally necessary

    • Lunch - Light Lunch

    • Light Lunch


      A combination of a petite house salad and a bowl of soup of your choice.

    • Sandwich Special


      A combination of the sandwich feature of the day, your choice of cup of soup, and a dessert from our dessert tray.

    • Petite Duet


      Two small scoops of Chicken Salad, Tuna, Egg Salad, or Pimento Cheese on a leafy bed of salad greens. Duet: $7.25 Trio: $9.25

    • Quiche du Jour


      A popular French delight that is prepared daily. Ask your server about today's features.

    • Quiche and Salad


      Our delightful quiche served with a petite house salad.

    • Quiche and Soup


      Our delightful quiche served with a cup of soup your choice.

    • Lunch - Paninis

      Served on our Herb Focaccia Bread.

    • Turkey Panini


      Delicious thin sliced smoked turkey with Swiss, mozzarella and feta cheese. Garnished with lettuce and tomato.

    • Italian Panini


      Delicious thin sliced Genoa salami, ham, mozzarella and provolone cheese. Served with our olive dressing. Garnished with lettuce and tomato.

    • Lunch - Side Items

    • Potato Salad

    • Hot Pasta Salad

    • Cole Slaw

    • Seafood Salad

    • Cold Pasta Salad

    • Fruit Cup

    • Potato Chips

    • Beverages

    • Coffee


      Regular or decaf, complimentary refills.

    • Tea


      iced or choose one of our many excellent hot teas.

    • Soft Drinks


      Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper

    • Lemonade


      Served with a slice of fresh lemon

    • Bottled Beverage

    • Apple Juice

    • Grapefruit

    • Bottled Water

    • San Pellegrino Water


      Large - $2.25 Small $1.59

    • Milk

    • Orange Juice

    • Perrier Water

    • Limonata

    • Aranciata

    • Lunch - Salads

      Ranch · Fat Free Ranch · Thousand Island · Vidalia Onion Vinaigrette · Raspberry Vinaigrette · Italian · Fat Free Italian · Honey Mustard · Wine and Cheese · Sundried Tomato · Bleu Cheese · Greek Vinaigrette with Feta · Caesar · Balsamic Vinaigrette · Asian Sesame Ginger · French

    • House Salad


      Fresh leaf lettuce with diced tomatoes, cucumbers and shredded cheddar cheese.

    • Chef's Salad


      Julienne ham, turkey, Swiss-American cheese, egg and tomato on crisp salad greens.

    • Cobb Salad


      Diced chicken, bacon, egg, blue cheese, tomato and avocado on leafy salad greens.

    • Mesquite Grilled Chicken Fruit Salad


      Bed of lettuce, diced tomatoes, grilled chicken, diced pineapple, sliced strawberries and blueberries topped with fruit yogurt and toasted almonds.

    • Fresh Fruit and Yogurt


      Fresh fruit medley served with yogurt. Seasonal.

    • Chicken Salad Plate


      Our special chicken salad served on a bed of leafy greens with sliced tomato, cucumber, orange and garlic toast.

    • Pasta Salad


      Our featured pasta salad changes frequently. Please ask your server about today's offerings.

    • Lunch - Sandwiches

      Each sandwich is served on your choice of freshly baked croissant, baguette, rye or wheat bread.

    • Chicken Salad


      Our own special recipe of chunk chicken, celery and scallions with sliced toasted almonds.

    • Tuna Salad


      Tuna, celery, scallions...just like homemade, only better.

    • Ham and Cheese


      Layers of thinly sliced ham and Swiss-American cheese on your choice of bread.

    • Turkey and Cheese


      Turkey piled with Swiss-American cheese with your choice of bread.

    • Egg and Olive


      A delicious old-fashioned favorite served on your choice of bread.

    • Pimento Cheese


      Spicy and chunky, ours is homemade with natural  cheddar cheese, bell pepper, pimento and spices.

    • Mesquite Grilled Chicken Sandwich


      Grilled Chicken with  lettuce, tomato, grilled onions and bell peppers on your choice of bread.

    • Le Versailles


      Our own unique and wonderful blend of spinach, scallions, cream cheese and ham.

    • Corned Beef and Swiss


      Layers of corned beef, Swiss-American cheese and sauerkraut on toasted rye. Served with Thousand Island dressing.

    • Roast Beef and Swiss


      Layers of Roast beef, Swiss-American cheese with grilled bell peppers and onions

    • Club Sandwich


      Three slices of toasted wheat bread with thin sliced turkey, ham, bacon and Swiss-American cheese. Garnished with lettuce, tomato, and a pickle spear.

    • BLT


      Bacon, lettuce and tomato on toasted wheat bread with a pickle spear.

    • Vegetable Garden


      Lettuce with an array of vegetables, cheese and lo-cal Italian dressing

    • Lunch - Wraps

      Served with your choice of white or wheat tortilla.

    • Wrap Special

      Turn any of our sandwiches into a wrap, add $1.00

    • Mesquite Grilled Chicken Bacon Cheddar Wrap


      Grilled chicken, bacon, bell pepper, onion, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise

    • White Wines

    • Pinot Grigio, California

      This wine expresses lovely aromatics of pear and honeydew, juicy flavors of citrus and apples lead to a finish that is bright and delicious.

    • Chardonnay, Monterey County, California

      Rich and beautifully balanced with fresh fruit aromas. Excellent depth and structure with subtle hints of oak. A focused and complex finish.

    • Riesling, California

      Inviting aromas of honey and citrus. Delicate and crisp through the middle with hints of apricot. Finish is smooth and silky.

    • Red Wines

    • Merlot, California

      This wine blends Merlot Grapes from California's finest regions which combine to make a blend brimming with Redberry fruit, soft tannins and a smooth, concentrated finish.

    • Cabernet Sauvignon, California

      Rich aromas of dark fruit complemented by a deep, lush body. The finish is soft and long with lingering notes of berry.

      By-the-glass $5.00

      Wines include 9.25% State and 2.5% Local Taxes