To-Go Menu

Our lunch and breakfast items are freshly prepared for pick up. For your convenience, you may order online here, or call us at (901)458-0900. And remember, we offer tasty sandwich trays, quarts of freshly prepared soup, crisp salad platters, and assorted desserts for pick up as well. Trays are prepared to order, with a minimum of six sandwiches per tray. To order a tray to go, give us a call at (901)458-0900. To order lunch or breakfast to go, click here.
    • Breakfast Sandwich

      All Breakfast Sandwiches come with a mini muffin and a slice of orange. All Breakfast Sandwiches are also available on French, wheat or rye bread.

    • Croissant and Egg


      Croissant and Egg breakfast sandwich.

    • Croissant, Egg and Cheese


      Croissant, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich.

    • Croissant, Egg, Bacon and Cheese


      Croissant, Egg, Bacon and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich.

    • Croissant, Egg, Sausage and Cheese


      Croissant, Egg, Sausage and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich.

    • Croissant, Egg, Turkey and Cheese


      Croissant, Egg, Turkey and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich.

    • Croissant, Egg, Ham and Cheese


      Croissant, Egg, Ham and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich.

    • Croissant, Egg and Bacon


      Croissant, Egg and Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

    • Croissant, Egg and Sausage


      Croissant, Egg and Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

    • Croissant, Egg and Turkey


      Croissant, Egg and Turkey Breakfast Sandwich.

    • Croissant, Egg and Ham


      Croissant, Egg and Ham Breakfast Sandwich.

    • Extra Meat


      Extra Meat is $1.

    • Lunch - Soups

      Bowl:$4.75 Cup: $3.00

    • Spicy Tomato Soup

      A zesty soup of tomatoes and spices served with Swiss-American cheese and French bread

    • French Onion Soup

      The traditional French onion soup served with cheese and crisp baguette toast

    • Soup Du Jour

      Special soup prepared daily from the freshest ingredients. Ask your server about today's features.

      Soup Schedule:

      Everyday: Spicy Tomato, French Onion
      Sunday: Corn Chowder
      Monday: Cream of Mushroom, Cream of Squash
      Tuesday: Chicken with Wild Rice
      Wednesday: Broccoli Cheese
      Thursday: Cream of Squash
      Friday: Cream of Potato
      Saturday: Corn Chowder
      Substitutions are occasionally necessary

    • Lunch - Light Lunch

    • Light Lunch


      A combination of a petite house salad and a bowl of soup of your choice.

    • Sandwich Special


      A combination of the sandwich feature of the day, your choice of cup of soup, and a dessert from our dessert tray.

    • Petite Duet


      Two small scoops of Chicken Salad, Tuna, Egg Salad, or Pimento Cheese on a leafy bed of salad greens. Duet: $7.25 Trio: $9.25

    • Quiche du Jour


      A popular French delight that is prepared daily. Ask your server about today's features.

    • Quiche and Salad


      Our delightful quiche served with a petite house salad.

    • Quiche and Soup


      Our delightful quiche served with a cup of soup your choice.

    • Lunch - Side Items

    • Potato Salad

    • Hot Pasta Salad

    • Cole Slaw

    • Seafood Salad

    • Cold Pasta Salad

    • Fruit Cup

    • Potato Chips

    • Lunch - Paninis

      Served on our Herb Focaccia Bread.

    • Turkey Panini


      Delicious thin sliced smoked turkey with Swiss, mozzarella and feta cheese. Garnished with lettuce and tomato.

    • Italian Panini


      Delicious thin sliced Genoa salami, ham, mozzarella and provolone cheese. Served with our olive dressing. Garnished with lettuce and tomato.

    • Lunch - Wraps

      Served with your choice of white or wheat tortilla.

    • Wrap Special

      Turn any of our sandwiches into a wrap, add $1.00

    • Mesquite Grilled Chicken Bacon Cheddar Wrap


      Grilled chicken, bacon, bell pepper, onion, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise

    • Breakfast Quicke

      Breakfast Quiche comes with a mini muffin and a slice of orange.

    • Sunrise Quiche


      Sausage, Bacon and Cheese Breakfast Quiche.

    • Quiche Lorraine


      Ham and Cheese Breakfast Quiche.

    • Spinach Quiche


      Spinach and Cheese Breakfast Quiche.

    • Lunch - Salads

      Ranch · Fat Free Ranch · Thousand Island · Vidalia Onion Vinaigrette · Raspberry Vinaigrette · Italian · Fat Free Italian · Honey Mustard · Wine and Cheese · Sundried Tomato · Bleu Cheese · Greek Vinaigrette with Feta · Caesar · Balsamic Vinaigrette · Asian Sesame Ginger · French

    • House Salad


      Fresh leaf lettuce with diced tomatoes, cucumbers and shredded cheddar cheese.

    • Chef's Salad


      Julienne ham, turkey, Swiss-American cheese, egg and tomato on crisp salad greens.

    • Cobb Salad


      Diced chicken, bacon, egg, blue cheese, tomato and avocado on leafy salad greens.

    • Mesquite Grilled Chicken Fruit Salad


      Bed of lettuce, diced tomatoes, grilled chicken, diced pineapple, sliced strawberries and blueberries topped with fruit yogurt and toasted almonds.

    • Fresh Fruit and Yogurt


      Fresh fruit medley served with yogurt. Seasonal.

    • Chicken Salad Plate


      Our special chicken salad served on a bed of leafy greens with sliced tomato, cucumber, orange and garlic toast.

    • Pasta Salad


      Our featured pasta salad changes frequently. Please ask your server about today's offerings.

    • Lunch - Sandwiches

      Each sandwich is served on your choice of freshly baked croissant, baguette, rye or wheat bread.

    • Chicken Salad


      Our own special recipe of chunk chicken, celery and scallions with sliced toasted almonds.

    • Tuna Salad


      Tuna, celery, scallions...just like homemade, only better.

    • Ham and Cheese


      Layers of thinly sliced ham and Swiss-American cheese on your choice of bread.

    • Turkey and Cheese


      Turkey piled with Swiss-American cheese with your choice of bread.

    • Egg and Olive


      A delicious old-fashioned favorite served on your choice of bread.

    • Pimento Cheese


      Spicy and chunky, ours is homemade with natural  cheddar cheese, bell pepper, pimento and spices.

    • Mesquite Grilled Chicken Sandwich


      Grilled Chicken with  lettuce, tomato, grilled onions and bell peppers on your choice of bread.

    • Le Versailles


      Our own unique and wonderful blend of spinach, scallions, cream cheese and ham.

    • Corned Beef and Swiss


      Layers of corned beef, Swiss-American cheese and sauerkraut on toasted rye. Served with Thousand Island dressing.

    • Roast Beef and Swiss


      Layers of Roast beef, Swiss-American cheese with grilled bell peppers and onions

    • Club Sandwich


      Three slices of toasted wheat bread with thin sliced turkey, ham, bacon and Swiss-American cheese. Garnished with lettuce, tomato, and a pickle spear.

    • BLT


      Bacon, lettuce and tomato on toasted wheat bread with a pickle spear.

    • Vegetable Garden


      Lettuce with an array of vegetables, cheese and lo-cal Italian dressing

    • Beverages

    • Coffee


      Regular or decaf, complimentary refills.

    • Tea


      iced or choose one of our many excellent hot teas.

    • Soft Drinks


      Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper

    • Lemonade


      Served with a slice of fresh lemon

    • Bottled Beverage

    • Apple Juice

    • Grapefruit

    • Bottled Water

    • San Pellegrino Water


      Large - $2.25 Small $1.59

    • Milk

    • Orange Juice

    • Perrier Water

    • Limonata

    • Aranciata